Sweet Georgia Browns – Twos – 3 Packages

Sweet Georgia Browns – Twos – 3 Packages

A truly mouth-watering experience! Enjoy the taste of jumbo Georgia pecans roasted in our chocolate kitchen, smothered with smooth caramel and creamy milk chocolate. Sweet and savoury have never tasted so good. Each package contains two Sweet Georgia Browns. $5.00 / 70 g per package.

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by Cindy
on 2/4/2016
These are great. Milk or dark. Awesome. Very salty though.
by Barbara
on 1/11/2016
These are just too delicious. It is probably a good thing I have to order them on-line because I would want these in my house at all times. So delicious.
by June
on 1/13/2015
Oh my......
Probably the tastiest thing I've eaten in my life. Ever. I'm not exaggerating; I'm a huge fan of caramel and nuts, and the way Purdy's puts the two together, with a dash of choclate topping.....it's just unbelievable. I will be hard pressed not to order a box of these every.single.week. Amazing, cannot recommend highly enough.
by donna
on 2/8/2014
milk chocolate sweet georgia browns
I was given these as a gift for looking after a friends house while she was away, I have never, never tasted anything so "mouth-watering" in my life, a perfect balance of sweet and salty, I am ashamed to say that I did not share even one with my husband, I tried one and couldn't bear to think of parting with any of them, I have ordered two boxes on-line, as I live in Alberta and will share this time! I asked my friend today where she had purchased them from and she gave me the on-line ordering site, so I ordered today, can't wait to get my hands on those tender little morsels again.
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