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We Make Gift Giving Easy — Premium Chocolates, Great Value

Let Purdys help you and your executive team with all your corporate gifts. Whether you are thanking your best customers for their loyalty, or recognizing and rewarding the people that have made a difference in your organization, our premium chocolates and gift baskets are a delicious and memorable way to say "thank you."

Business Gifts
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Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment $27.50
Milk Chocolate Assortment $27.50
Dark Chocolate Assortment $27.50
Delightfully Yours $70.00
Sweet Georgia Browns $17.00
Hedgehogs $12.00
Chocolate Bliss $90.00
Business Card Service - Add On $0.20
Grand Expressions $115.00
6 Piece Box $8.00
265g Chocolate Assortments $18.50
Lavish Luxury $165.00
Thank You Tin $10.00
180g Chocolate Assortments $14.00
Truffles $14.00
Chocolate Survival Kit $17.00
NEW SELECTION! Chocolates For A Year $350.00