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Chocolate Assortments

Chocolate Assortments

Purdys makes over 150 different kinds of chocolates. Find your favourite in one of our assorted boxes! Smooth creams, chewy caramels, crunchy nuts, silky melties and more.

Chocolate Assortments
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Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment $27.50
Dark Chocolate Assortment $27.50
Milk Chocolate Assortment $27.50
Temporarily Sold Out! Turona $20.00
New! New Classics Box $19.00
Chocolate Caramel Assortment $18.50
Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels $19.00
Chocolate Covered Nuts $25.00
Chocolate Covered Nuts & Caramels $18.50
180g Chocolate Assortments $14.00
265g Chocolate Assortments $18.50
Chocolate Covered Ginger $18.50
Sold Out! Gift Tin $16.00
Smoothies $17.00
Thank You Tin $10.00
SOLD OUT! Fortune Tin $21.00
Temporarily Sold Out! Fudge Assortment $7.50