Welcome to Purdys' Chocolate Recipes page!   We're pleased to bring you some of our favourite recipes using Purdys' delicious chocolates. We encourage you to try these at home.  If you have your own special recipes using Purdys' Chocolates, send them along, and we may post them on our website.   Enjoy!

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Grilled Salmon with Lemon and White Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Parfait
Purdy’s Marvelous Macaroons
Chocolate Fruit Fondue
Purdy’s Marvelous Macaroons
Purdy’s Chunky Chocolate Muffins
Purdy’s Puddin’
Smooth Purdy’s Mousse
Chocolate Mandarin Mousse
Nanaimo Bars
Frozen Chocolate Dessert
Fruity Fig Bites
Chocolate Rum Balls
Peanut Brittle Cookies
Marshmallow Fudge Bites
Pecan Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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