Employee Recognition Program-What better way to thank your hard-working employees than with a gift from Purdys Chocolatier?

Employee Recognition Program - partner with Purdys Chocolatier

Reward productivity, encourage higher sales or improve employee morale by saying "Thanks" with a tasty gift of Purdys chocolates. Show appreciation to the whole team or specific individuals - the choice is yours.

Volume Discount

Save between 10% & 20% off your order with our Volume Discount. Volume discounts are available on orders greater than $300.00.
Savings Deposit
Save 10% $300.00 - $499.99
Save 15% $500.00 - $749.00
Save 20% $750.00 or more
Discount not applicable to purchase of gift cards or special promotional items. Discounts are calculated on the total product amount purchased on a per order basis, before taxes, shipping and handling.

Shop once; enjoy the smiles all year long! Let Purdys help make recognizing your employees quick, easy and economical.

How does this work:

Step #1 - Talk to our Employee Recognition Experts to discuss your budget and goals for employee recognition and to set up your account.

Step #2 - Deposit a minimum of $100.00 to your account and enjoy a discount* based on our volume structure. The more you deposit the more you save on all future orders.
Save 10% - with Deposit of $300.00 plus
Save 15% - with Deposit of $500.00 plus
Save 20% - with Deposit of $750.00 plus

Step #3 - Place orders by calling our toll free number at 1-888-478-7397. You can pre-arrange monthly orders, or call us anytime to arrange specific orders delivered right to your office.

Step #4 - On pre-arranged monthly orders, you choose your preferred day of the month to receive your chocolate deliveries.

Step #5 - Please note that volume discount applies to product only, and does not apply to shipping charges.

'Chocolate in Your Pocket' Gift Cards!

Gift Card Incentive Program**

An alternative and simple way to thank your employees is to give them Purdys "Chocolate in Your Pocket" gift cards! Let your team select their favourite chocolates at any of our 58 Purdys chocolate shop locations in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

Purdys famous toffee
This is the perfect opportunity to say "Thanks" at any time, for any reason, and a wonderfully easy way to show employees you appreciate the great work they do.

Purdys gift cards come in denominations from $25 - $250 - it's your choice!

For this Gift Card Incentive Program, the minimum order is $250.00 worth of cards - so it can be all on one card, or created in whatever denominations you feel work best for your company's needs.

Call our Recognition Experts now at 1-888-478-7397 to arrange your purchase!

*Volume discount does not apply to gift cards.
* *Purdys will include complimentary shipping to one address for gift card orders over $700.00.