green initiatives at Purdys Chocolatier

Green Initiatives

Purdys’ logo is purple and gold—but we’re green at heart.

Even back in the 1960s, Purdys did everything possible to reduce, reuse and recycle non-food materials.

Nowadays, there are many more opportunities to be kind to the environment. Here’s a small sample of what Purdys is doing to keep our eco-footprint down:

  • Purdys has saved over 1000 trees (and counting) since 2008

We use high-efficiency hand dryers and print on both sides of the paper. Our brochures are printed on FSC-certified paper, which comes from sustainable, environmentally-conscious practices—just like our cocoa!

  • We’ve cut our waste to landfill in half over the last four years

And we continue to promote extensive recycling programs at Purdys’ factory kitchen, headquarters and in shops.

  • Purdys has also reduced electricity consumption
    • And we've also achieved a drop in electricity per production hour in the factory kitchen.

    • We've also reduced greenhouse gas emissions and gas consumption

    And it's the little things that count too: We turn off the lights when not needed, drink out of ceramic cups instead of disposable ones, and sell things we don't need through our online employee marketplace.