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Welcome to the Purdys recipe book library. Each one of these eBooks contains original recipes by our Head Chocolatier Gary Mitchell. Cocktails, sauces, salads, meat and poultry, and an array of baked delicacies all incorporating Purdys' chocolates, await your taste buds. Discover the complex flavours of cocoa and expand your culinary repertoire by exploring our recipe collections. Bon appétit!

Fresh Bites - Purdys' eBook
Around The Chocolatier's Table
Around the Chocolatier’s Table is inspired by the idea of hosting a dinner party. Why shouldn’t every course at the table include chocolate?! From appetizers, main courses and desserts, every recipe in this eBook has a perfect balance of savoury and sweet combined with Purdys’ own extraordinary chocolates.
Dessert Recipes - Purdys' eBook
Fresh Bites
Cocoa boasts some of the world's most complex flavour variations, making chocolate one of the most versatile ingredients for cooking. Fresh Bites is a fresh take on what it means to incorporate chocolate into every meal course. From salads and sauces, to BBQs and desserts, discover the savoury side of chocolate with Gary Mitchell's latest recipe collection.
Dessert Recipes - Purdys' eBook
Chocolate and pastries has to be one of the oldest and most loved food pairings. The Desserts collection features nine of Gary Mitchell's favourite post-dinner creations, all using chocolate as a feature ingredient. Brownies, tarts, cakes and more will tantalize your senses in this divinely sinful recipe collection!
Hot Chocolate Recipes - Purdys' eBook
Original Hot Chocolate Recipes
Cozy up with a steaming mug of luxurious drinking chocolate. Gary Mitchell, Head Chocolatier for Purdys, has crafted ten unique hot chocolate blends, balancing warming and cooling flavours for the most perfect combinations of hot chocolate. Also includes a Vegan Pumpkin hot chocolate alternative. Not just for winter - enjoy any of these recipes over ice for a chocoately summer treat.
Martini Recipes - Purdys' eBook
The art of mixology has been given a new twist thanks to Head Chocolatier Gary Mitchell's chocolate martini collection. A stunning array of liquid chocolate delights, this collection will leave you wondering whether you are enjoying dessert or an after-dinner cocktail. Perhaps it is both...do you prefer shaken or stirred? Cheers!

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