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Raise Money All Year Round with our Fundraising Bars

Purdys is always here to help you reach your fundraising goals. Our program is easy to follow, easy to implement and easy to sell!

How Our Year Round Program Works:

  • Buy our bars and lollies at a discounted rate - sell at whatever price you choose!
  • Quick campaign setup and easy to manage
  • Free shipping to most of BC and Alberta (one address per fundraising group)
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Chocolate Bar Fundraising
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Original Milk Chocolate Fundraiser Bar - 100 Bars $95.00
Original Dark Chocolate Fundraiser Bar - 100 Bars $95.00
Family Size Milk Almond Fundraiser Bar - 50 Bars $125.00
Family Size Milk Crisps Fundraiser Bar - 50 Bars $125.00
Milk Smiley Lolly Fundraiser - 50 Lollies $59.50
Milk Bunny Lolly Fundraiser - 50 Lollies $59.50