English Toffee Single Bar

English Toffee Single Bar

An amazing combination of flavours and textures, this crunchy toffee is crafted from brown sugar caramelized in grade-one dairy butter.

Each piece is carefully dipped in milk chocolate and hand rolled in crushed roasted California almonds.

English Toffee is neither English nor toffee. It’s American, and it’s a brittle. It was created to fill the requests of American tourists who journeyed to the early Purdys stores in BC.

The initial Purdys recipe seemed only to work using Alberta cream rather than cream from the local BC dairies.
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by Joan Wettenstein
on 8/7/2011
The very best toffee I have had.
It's even better than the toffee from that famous California company which I also love. But this is better. As soon as the weather cools off here I'm going to order more.
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