Factory Tour

Making Purdys Creams

Fresh cream & fruits put into a kettle Farm fresh cream and fresh fruits are put in a copper kettle.
Sugar and natural ingredients are added to the kettle Fresh natural ingredients are hand stirred to perfection.
Ingredients are mixed by hand Each batch is cooked in a traditional copper kettle over open flame.
The mixed cream is poured into the beater Each batch is poured while boiling hot into traditional cream beaters from the 1930s.
1930s beaters whip the cream to the right consistency Circa 1930s cream beater is turned on and consistency firms up.
The creams are sized and ready after being put through the extruder After passing through an extruder, cream is in bite-size pieces ready for chocolate.
The creams are put through the chocolate enrober Pieces flow through a chocolate waterfall called an enrober, cool, and are ready to devour.
A finished, ready to eat Raspberry Cream Finished Raspberry Cream Chocolate