Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels

Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels

Mr. Purdy’s original caramel recipe from 1907 forms the base of this delectable treat. The caramels are then enrobed in creamy milk chocolate or decadent dark chocolate, and sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt is said to be one of the purest salts in the world. It was deposited in the Himalayan Mountains during the Jurassic era. It is hand-mined and stone-ground to maintain its purity.

Introduced in 2009, these sweet and salty delights have quickly become one of our best-loved products.

Each box contains 18 pieces.
18165300 g / 10.6 oz18165


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by Joseph
on 10/12/2015
Not fair....
I got these when I lived in the GWN and they are by far the most amazing creation I have ever tasted. I was a bit hesitant at first but that went away as soon as I tasted one, then another, then another.... My biggest problem is now I am back in the UK and can not get them. 2 boxes and shipping is $105. Just too expensive for me. I'm now crying, lol.
by Sarah-Anne Lake
on 9/8/2015
Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels
Omg!There is no chocolate better than these chocolates.
by vera
on 5/25/2015
the best milk chocolate caramel treat ever.
I love Himalayan Pink Salt and sprinkling them on melted prude's milk chocolate over their caramel was a brilliant idea. The only thing is I am not a fan of the dark chocolate. Purdy, have you ever thought of using white chocolate? and then have a box with white chocolate and milk chocolate Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels?
by Bethany
on 4/13/2015
Gotta love them to like them...
I personally love these. the sweet ad salty together with chocolate is the best combo!!! however when my friend tried one she pulled a face, took it out of her mouth, and picked the salt off. So as I said, you have to love the sweet and salty combo to enjoy these babies. be sure to try it first before ordering a large amount.
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