Our Head Chocolatier, Gary Mitchell, makes over 150 new chocolates a year! They’re all delicious, but only the top eight or so move on to be sold in shops. Check back frequently to see the newest additions to our lineup, sometimes only available for a limited time.

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New! Mini Salted Caramels $12.00
New! Treasured & Tasty $20.00
New! Yuzu Jelly Ganache $9.00
New! Goat Cheese & Chardonnay Truffle $9.00
New! Vida Nibs $5.00
Quinoa with Hemp Heart Bar $15.00
Temporarily Out of Stock! Apple Crisp Caramel $9.00
New! New Classics Box $19.00
Sold Out! Pistachio Cherry Bark $10.00
New! Caramelized Hazelnut Melties $11.00
New! Classics Box $27.00
Single Origin Ecuador- Pepper & Himalayan Salt - 3 Bars $15.00
New! Single Origin Peru & Cocoa Nib - 3 Bars $15.00
New! Salted Hazelnut Flake $20.00
Raspberry Balsamic Truffle $10.00
Temporarily Sold Out! Sweet Celebrations Tin $10.00
New! 6 PC Bar Bag $13.00
New! Happy Birthday Tin $10.00