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November 7, 2013          Purdys Chocolatier named Best Employer in Canada by Aon Hewitt


September 9, 2013          A Culture of Curiosity


August 28, 2013          Purdys Chocolates a finalist in E-commerce Innovation Awards


Dec. 4, 2012          Karen Flavelle Named One of Canada’s Most Powerful Women in 2012 Awards


April 27, 2012          Purdy's Chocolates creates a 'Star' chocolate in celebration of Canada Sings Season 2


March 1, 2012          Purdy's Chocolates announces donation to the MS Society of Canada


February 14, 2012          Purdy's Chocolates, the only Glee Club from BC, represents on Season 2 of Canada Sings!


January 30, 2012          Purdy's Chocolates and The Morning News Team on Global BC join forces...


January 26, 2012          Purdy's Chocolates in support of A Loving Spoonful for the second year


January 11, 2012          Red Velvet Cake Truffle - A Valentine delight from Purdy's Chocolates


November 1, 2011          The Chocolate Kitchen churns out two more soon to be favourites


October 25, 2011          Purdy's Chocolates re-opens at Pacific Centre, introduces a new generation of chocolate shops


October 3, 2011          Purdy's Chocolates awarded for Best Truffle at Canada's Baking and Sweets Show


September 8, 2011          Purdy's Chocolates freshens product line up with new additions and old favourites


January 27, 2010          The Perfect Pairing for Valentine's Day - Purdy's Icewine Truffles and Mission Hill Vidal Icewine



December 9, 2009        Purdy’s Chocolates president proves that chocolate can be a part of a healthy lifestyle as she’s 
                                          named Community Torchbearer for Vancouver 2010 Olympics 


March 10, 2009             Purdy's Chocolates Premium Easter delights are back.   Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels are 
                                          introduced ...

March 10, 2009
             Earls Restaurants enlists the help of Purdy's Chocolates to produce "Thoughtful Chocolate 
                                          Bars" in an effort to raise funds for Children's Hospital Foundations...

Dec. 23, 2008                 Purdy's Chocolates a Repeat Top 50 Employer in Canada