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Purdy's Chocolates - Sweet Georgia Browns

Sweet Georgia Browns

A signature Purdys treat, beloved by fans everywhere!

We start with a base of roasted, lightly salted Jumbo Georgia pecans. Then, we pour in a generous layer of handmade golden caramel. Finally, each piece is crowned with creamy milk chocolate.

Purdys fans in Ontario voted the Sweet Georgia Brown as their favourite Purdys treat.

Each box contains 8 generous pieces.
Purdy's Chocolates - Sweet Georgia Browns
16000280 g / 9.9 oz16000
Canadian Pricing


Average Rating: (based on 37 reviews)

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by Penny
on 2/27/2014
Best Valentine's Gift Ever!
My dear hubbie got these for me for Valentine's Day. Best gift ever. Amazing balance of soft, chewy, crunchy, salty and sweet. We ended up splitting them between us, as he fell in love with them too! We will be buying them again very soon.
by Marilyn
on 2/7/2014
Sweet Georgia Browns
I try to stay away (without success) from these *Sweet Georgia Browns* because I eat the entire box! I always try to share anything but I find myself hiding them from family/friends because I do not want to share...they are too delicious. So what I have to always do is purchase 2 boxes, 1 box to share between family/friends and 1 entire box for Since I've tasted these I have not had any other type of chocolates. Purdy's you've been very bad:)
by Ruth
on 9/11/2013
Sweet Georgia Browns
The most amazing thing ever.....
by Island Grrl
on 4/23/2013
Heavenly! Perfect balance of caramel, pecan and chocolate with just a hint of saltiness. The only problem is that I want to eat the whole box!
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