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Temporarily Sold Out! Turona

Temporarily Sold Out! Turona

Named after a 16th century Spanish confection. Crafted in two layers, its inspiration lay in the quest to combine the delicate ingredients of Gianduja and Truffle to create one piece of chocolate perfection.

Turona’s key ingredient is its 65% cocoa harvested from a single Peruvian plantation. The soil, which previously harvested bananas, retains the flavour of the fruit, which adds a distinct taste.

The first layer is Gianduja, a soft puree of almond, hazelnut and creamy milk chocolate, entwined with a French pastry flake. The second layer is a rich, dark chocolate truffle made with fresh whipping cream and cocoa. The two-layer piece is then enrobed in decadent, dark chocolate.

Each box contains 15 pieces.
Temporarily Sold Out! Turona
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by lilli cheung
on 6/10/2013
I have never eaten another piece of chocolate THIS good. Other than the Himalayan pink salt caramel of course. But this piece of dark chocolate is HEAVEN. The truffle melts in your mouth.
by linda
on 2/3/2013
Absolutely awesome
These are the best chocolates I have ever eaten. Purdy's you have done it again. Now please just open a shop in Saskatoon so I don't have to order and pay shipping (but these are worth it)
by David
on 2/1/2013
This is the very best chocolate convection I've ever had! Seriously , the dark chocolate is smooth and very flavourful . The nut flavour matches perfectly but the one thing to bring this over the top is the light crunch witch every bite. Just lovely.
by Ann
on 12/8/2012
Pure chocolate heaven
I love dark chocolate but this brings it to a whole new level. The combination of the dark chocolate ganache and the crunchie pieces of the french flake and hazelnuts is like heaven in a bite. I got the box this week and have finished the whole box. That's how good it is.
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