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Wow Tech: See Purdys’ 3D chocolate printer create some sweet designs!
By Purdys Chocolatier
6/17/2016 1:44:00 PM

Want to see Purdys’ 3D chocolate printer in action? It’s the only one in Canada!

If you’re near Richmond on Saturday, June 18, drop by the Brighouse Branch of the Richmond Public Library between 1pm to 4pm to meet our Chocolatier Rachel McKinley and watch live demos of our 3D Chocolate Printer.

The printer makes magic with tempered, premium quality Belgian dark chocolate—but our chocolate isn’t just that. Purdys' chocolate is also made from only 100% sustainable cocoa.

Rachel will explain in detail how the 3D chocolate printer works, why sustainable cocoa is crucial to cocoa farming communities and last (but not least) we’ll be raffling off the 3D creations throughout the event, which means you could win a 3D chocolate printed design!

If you’re going (you should!), don’t forget to tag us @purdyschocolatier (on Facebook/Instagram) and @purdyschocolate (on Twitter) on any photos you share on social.

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