Sustainable Chocolate

FAQ: The Chocolate

Will my favourite Purdys chocolates taste the same?

Absolutely! You will not notice any difference in the taste of your favourite chocolates. We have worked hard to ensure our chocolates both taste the same, and the cocoa from which they are made adheres to our two pillars of sustainability.

The theories and practices behind sustainable cocoa are not new concepts; however they have evolved significantly in recent years. The quality of the cocoa produced via sustainable cocoa programs has drastically increased. As a result, Purdys is now able to offer our customers sustainable cocoa while at the same time maintaining the integrity of our taste profiles.

Will I have to pay more money for my favourite Purdys chocolates?

No. There is not a direct price increase of our chocolates due to our Sustainable Cocoa Program.

What does 'sustainable' mean?

'Sustainable' is a term that encompasses a wide variety of topics, standards and practices and policy-making, ranging from environmental preservation and water sovereignty, to socioeconomic, urban development and geopolitical matters. There are many different definitions for the word 'sustainable', however the basic premise of sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

In the case of Purdys' Sustainable Cocoa Program, meeting the needs of today means growing enough cocoa with which to supply an ever-growing chocolate industry. This must be done in a way that does not negatively impact next-generation farmers in any way - that is, to compromise the needs of future generations. Sustainable cocoa refers to cocoa that has been grown using an approach that aims to promote social, environmental and economic development in cocoa farming communities around the world.

Our Sustainable Cocoa Program is founded on two pillars: Sustainable Farms and Sustainable Living. These two pillars are the principles upon which we believe cocoa growing should founded: better incomes for our farmer co-op partners and their families, a better standard of living for cocoa-growing communities, environmental preservation and a healthy, thriving cocoa industry for generations to come. You can read more about Purdys' 2 pillars of sustainability.

Why is Purdys using sustainable cocoa now?

As the leading chocolatier in Canada, we feel it is our responsibility to pioneer the newest and best practices of chocolatier culture. This mindset extends past the basics of chocolate creation, to the bigger picture of how we run our business and treat our partners. Purdys is a leader in developing industry standards, and sustainable cocoa is not only the next step we believe all confectionery manufacturers should take, but an industry standard that should be adopted world-wide.

Why hasn't Purdys used sustainable cocoa in the past?

Quality has always been a core value at Purdys and we understand our customers are passionate about their favourite chocolates. Until recently we have not been able to offer sustainable cocoa without compromising the taste of our products. Thankfully, the sustainable cocoa industry has evolved significantly in recent years and Purdys is now able to provide our customers with sustainable cocoa while at the same time maintaining the integrity of our taste profiles.

Are your other ingredients and packaging sustainable?

Cocoa plays the primary role in determining the flavour of our customers' favourite chocolates and has the biggest impact on our business. As such, our Sustainable Cocoa Program was identified as a priority for both our farmer partners and our customers. Purdys will continue to work with our suppliers to source other sustainable ingredients.

Our Purchasing Team works closely with our Head Chocolatier and Chocolate Scientist to source ingredients and packaging that not only meet our high standards of quality, but also have a minimal environmental impact. You can read more about Purdys' green initiatives.