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Canada’s chocolatier since 1907

Host a spooktacular party!

Invite all your gals and ghouls to a feast they’ll never forget.

Chocolatier Magic

See how your favourite chocolates are made.

While we wait for Smell-O-Vision to become a thing, this video is best watched with a box of Purdys next to you.

We craft all your favourites at our Factory Kitchen in Vancouver, Canada—the city where our original chocolatier Richard Carmon Purdy opened the first Purdys shop. We use only top-notch ingredients like Canadian dairy, crunchy nuts that are roasted in-house and 100% sustainable cocoa.

Also in the video, spot Purdys CEO Karen Flavelle enjoying a bite of her favourite, Peanut Butter Fingers.

Gather 'round, everyone!

Try these chocolate-based recipes at your next family gathering.