FUNdraising this Christmas season has never been so easy: quick setup, no cost, great chocolates, and LOTS OF PROFIT!

August 11, 2021
FUNdraising this Christmas season has never been so easy: quick setup, no cost, great chocolates, and LOTS OF PROFIT!

Purdys Seasonal Fundraising is simple, and free to use. Over the years, we've helped thousands of coordinators just like you exceed their goals. Based on the Christmas 2020 results alone, over 88% of campaigns exceed their initial goals. The website launches on September 7th, 2021.

Our seasonal fundraising program is an excellent way to make lots of profit with chocolates that practically sell themselves. There’s no cost to start, it’s easy to promote, and yields fantastic results.

How does it work?

Purdys Seasonal Fundraising Program helps you achieve your fundraising goals faster by selling our chocolates and getting back up to 25% fundraising profit for your cause. As a bonus, you can also earn a rebate up to 5%. Start now by registering at, create your Campaign, and spread the word by sharing the link with your supporters.

We've raised over $18 million in the last five years for thousands of community groups, sports clubs, schools, and charities across Canada!

Is it easy to run a campaign?

Yes! Fundraising with Purdys is a quick and effortless way to make up to 25% profit with additional rebates available! Whether you want to raise money for your school or local community, Purdys can help make this happen. This guide will help you run a successful campaign with minimum effort.

Purdys Seasonal Fundraising is an entirely free program that allows people to shop online and raise profit for their cause. The total profit can be up to 25% of the campaign, making it one of the most effortless fundraising programs for schools, activity clubs or any charitable organization.

How do I get the most out of my fundraising campaign?

Our job is to help you raise as much as possible for your cause. If you are a coordinator responsible for promoting your campaign, the key to success is to ask as many people as possible to support you. You can do this by sharing your unique campaign link from the dashboard with your supporters.

It is essential to always include this link whenever you communicate with your supporters. It takes them to the registration page where they can join your campaign and shop for their favourite chocolates.

Every time you communicate with your supporters, share your unique campaign link to get the most sign ups and profits towards your fundraiser.

Promote your link on social media to get more exposure. Send it to your groups on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform you use. Don't forget to email your contacts or add your fundraising campaign link on your social media page.

How do I earn the maximum amount of profit?

You only need to sell $1,000 (before taxes & shipping) as a team to earn 25% fundraising profit. That means you only need 20 supporters to spend $50 or more.

We have received valuable feedback from our fundraisers over the years, and we made great improvements to help coordinators run their campaigns and see results regardless of how much their campaigns raise.

  • Campaign orders* between $100 and $499.99 get a 5% profit cheque
  • Campaign orders* between $500 and $749.99 get a 10% profit cheque
  • Campaign orders* between $750 and $999.99 get a 20% profit cheque
  • Campaign orders* $1,000 and above get a 25% profit cheque

*Before taxes and shipping charges

As an added incentive, if your campaign reaches $5,000 before taxes and shipping, you will qualify for an additional 2.5% rebate. If your campaign exceeds $10,000 before taxes and shipping, you can get a 5% rebate. Excited yet? Register at and start your campaign now.

  • Campaign orders between $5,000 and $9,999 (before taxes and shipping) receives a 2.5% rebate cheque
  • Campaign orders over $10,000 (before taxes and shipping) receives a 5% rebate cheque

FUNdraising goal Ideas

Whether you're raising money for a school or club, to support your community, or to host a fundraising event of your own, there are so many ways to win with Purdys. We put the FUN in FUNdraising and make a big difference at the same time.

With the help of the Purdys Fundraising website and our free fundraising tools from the 'Support Materials' tab, you’ll have great resources to help you earn more profit for your campaign. And when you get your profit cheque, all you will say is, "SWEET!”

Your fundraising goals may include:

  • New equipment & supplies for students who are learning remotely
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Textbooks
  • School supplies (crayons, puzzles, books, art materials)
  • New blackboards and any visual equipment for classrooms
  • Fitness equipment
  • Jump ropes
  • Dance team events
  • Uniforms
  • Shoes
  • Hair accessories
  • Upgrades/ renovations to school playground, gymnasium, classrooms
  • New desks
  • New team jerseys and sports equipment