YES! You Can Personalize Chocolate Gifts. Here's How.

June 30, 2021
YES! You Can Personalize Chocolate Gifts. Here's How.

Make special occasions even more special by adding unique, personal touches.

Whether you’re strengthening business and client relationships, or shopping for great wedding favours. We have amazing custom gift options for any personal gift-giving need to truly make you memorable, and express your sincerity.

Gift-giving is an opportunity to build and nurture connections and relationships. They can convey numerous expressions. From “thank you”, or “Congratulations”, to “Happy Birthday” or just “Thinking of you”. It’s a simple, but meaningful way to show the other person (or party) that you care, and wish them well. And sometimes, there’s an opportunity to go above and beyond in gift-giving—that’s where custom gifts hold the greatest value.

Custom gifts allow all of us to help build stronger, personal connections. They are a token of our bond to family, friends, and even colleagues and clients. Your willingness to go the extra mile shows how much you appreciate your relationship, and value your connection. And most of all, you show the recipient that they’re unique! That there is no one quite like them in your life. While it may take a few more steps and a bit more time to create a custom gift, believe us when we say that the smile that lights up their face when they receive their specially made gift makes it all worth it.

Our personalized gifts are exactly what the name entails: we take inspiration from their personality to build the perfect, unique gift. Create the perfect bonding experience and celebrate all the unique relationships in your life with our great selection of personalized gift options. The next time you need inspiration for a gift, consider making custom boxes, special chocolate selections, or make your own Purdys gift card.

Personalize With Their Personality

Our Custom Mix Gift Boxes lets you personalize your gift down to the very last detail by selecting all the chocolate flavours the recipient loves. Browse through our chocolate legend and see which chocolates they’ll love the most to make your own unique and delicious assortment. We offer a great variety of gift boxes so you can choose the perfect size for your gift made just for them.

Once you’re ready to order, give us a call at 1.888.478.7397 and from there, we’ll let you know which chocolates are available, and offer any substitutions just in case. To add an extra touch, we can also help you include a personal gift message at no extra charge.

Customized Gifts? That’s Just Good Business

It’s a busy corporate world out there, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd when you want to build new business relationships, and stand out from the crowd in any industry. Our Personalized Business Gifts are just what you need to impress your clients, and strengthen relationships with partners. Amplify your company brand by featuring your company logo on our customizable boxes, sleeves, and ribbons.

Ordering with us is simple:

  • Step 1: Choose from several gift boxes, tins or chocolate bar designs that you can customize with your logo—or create your own entirely custom design that perfectly matches your brand
  • Step 2: Choose a chocolate assortment or browse to select which chocolates you’d like included. Call us at 1.888.478.7397 ext 4 or email to finalize your order.
  • Step 3: Let us know if you’d like to add a business card or personalized message to each delivery. We’ll prepare your custom gifts and ship them to your office or directly to your business contacts within 3-4 weeks.

Let The Custom Bells Ring

A great wedding is all about the little, personal details. The extra touches that truly make your union stand out, and that dedication to detail shouldn’t stop at wedding favours. Thank your guests with tasty chocolate gifts that everyone will appreciate and remember. Our Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favours are the perfect wedding souvenir for your special day. We offer personalized boxes, chocolate selections, and ribbons to make your wedding day deliciously unique.

With our Custom Chocolate Favours, we have a beautiful selection of gift boxes, chocolates and ribbon colours to match any event themes, tastes, and budget. Your guests will love finding these treats at their tables. Of course, we can also help you personalize the ribbon with a special message to commemorate your special day.

Our Custom Chocolate Boxes come in several gift box sizes with your choice of beautiful sleeve designs. Or we can help you create your own entirely custom design to match your event theme, personality and budget.

Are you ready to plan your wedding favours? Great! Just choose your favourite chocolates from our chocolate legend or opt for our standard assortment, then select your gift box customizations including personalized ribbons and sleeves. Then give us a call at 1.888.478.7397 ext 4 and we can help you finalize your order. The standard time to receive your order is around 3-4 weeks.

Let Their Personality Shine with the Gift of Choice

What can be more unique and personal than a Custom Gift Cards? Really let their personality shine by giving them the gift of choice personalized Purdys gift card. We offer digital gift cards that you can send instantly to their inbox or phone, with customizable design options (choose from our design or upload your own photo). Our physical gift cards can be sent to their mailbox anywhere in Canada and you can also personalize it with a meaningful message. We also offer Corporate Gift Cards to really “wow” your clients—perfect for holidays or team celebration events.

All gift cards are redeemable at any Purdys shop, and online at

No matter the occasion, a customized gift is always appreciated and lets the recipient know that they are loved and special to you. And we believe that’s something worth going the extra mile for.

So if you’re looking for great, unique, delicious chocolate gifts, let us help you!

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