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Surprise someone anywhere in Canada for just $7.25 + tax.

It's easy peasy to send a Chocogram

Pick a design

Send your best wishes or thoughtful thanks with a creamy milk chocolate Chocogram, made with 100% sustainable cocoa that helps farmers in rural communities.

Add a gift message

You can send a Chocogram anywhere in Canada for just $7.25 + tax, shipping included. Enter a gift message at checkout and we'll add it to your Chocogram before mailing it out.

Surprise someone

Within a week or two, your tasty and thoughtful Chocogram will show up in their mailbox through Canada Post Lettermail.

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Chocograms FAQ

Q: Where can I send a Chocogram?

You can send a Chocogram anywhere in Canada for just $7.25 (which includes shipping) plus tax. If you’d like to send a Chocogram to the USA or other countries, our regular shipping rates apply.

Q: How long does it take to deliver a Chocogram?

We ship Chocograms through Canada Post Lettermail which usually takes 3-10 business days.

Q: Is shipping included?

Yes, shipping anywhere in Canada is included in the price.

Q: Can I schedule a Chocogram to send later?

You sure can. In the delivery instructions at checkout, leave a note with your preferred date of arrival and we'll send it to arrive or that date or as close as possible to it.

Q: Can I add a gift message to the Chocogram?

You bet. You can add a gift message at checkout and we'll personalize your Chocogram for you before mailing it out.

Q: How do I track my Chocogram order?

We ship Chocograms through Canada Post Lettermail, so you won't get a tracking number to watch over yours while it makes its way to someone's mailbox for a surprise.

Q: Can I return a Chocogram?

Because of food safety regulations, we're not able to offer refunds.

Q: Can I send a Chocogram together with other chocolates?

The Chocograms also come in Card Box versions which don't include shipping in the price.