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Lipstick - You're a Gem


Lipstick - You're a Gem



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You're a gem—a rare beauty with a sparkling personality to match. You’re already the lead actress in this movie, so let our Ruby chocolate shade be your new sidekick—we’ll bring out the best in you and will always let you shine. You don’t need us to impress and turn heads, you’re doing that already.

Made in Canada and in great humour.

Did we fool you? ;)

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Customer Reviews

I actually want thisCan you actually put this into production and sell this for real? The colours are stunning and I’d love to have the ruby colour
Awesome 👏What an awesome joke! Thanks for the laugh! Very clever 😄
You know people would be all over this!In those colours, with a subtle chocolate scent, people would really buy these. :)
I know you're joking butI actually want this product. One colour for each type of chocolate, how spectacular. I've always been partial to brown/nude/beige shades so of course this appeals to me.
You got me!!!That was brilliant and unexpected! thanx for the super sweet smile!!