The People of Purdys

The People of Purdys

Karen Flavelle - CEO & Chocolate Connoisseur

Karen Flavelle
CEO & Chocolate Connoisseur

As owner and Chief Executive Officer of Purdys Chocolatier, Karen’s passion for quality, tradition and chocolate, has been the key to her success, not only in re-invigorating one of Vancouver’s most iconic companies, but increasing its reputation for premium chocolates. Her mission for Purdys is to provide fabulous superior quality chocolates and service, made possible by fantastic people – the result is that Karen and Purdys hold numerous awards in the retail and confectionery industries and both have been highlighted in a wide variety of media articles & programs.

With a previous 13-year background in business, Karen began at Purdys in 1994 as Executive Vice President. Following a smooth transition from her father in 1997, Karen purchased the business, became President and has been sole owner and Chief Executive Officer since then.

Peter Higgins - Chocolate Scientiest

Peter Higgins
President & Chocolate Scientist

Peter joined Purdys Chocolatier in 1998 as a Plant Supervisor overseeing the production of signature chocolates such as Hedgehogs and Sweet Georgia Browns. Now as President & Chocolate Scientist, Peter has made numerous television appearances where he explains the origins of chocolate using his Chocolate Science Kit, as well as teaches how to properly taste chocolate using the science of the senses.

Kriston Dean  - The Merchandiser

Kriston Dean
VP Merchandising & Marketing


Kriston Dean comes from a family with a passion for retail that dates back three generations. Since 2007, Kriston has been leading a team of people responsible for store design, marketing, merchandising/visual, product development, season’s development, forecasting and analysis.