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45% Milk Chocolate Ghana Bar, 70 g70% Dark Chocolate Blueberry Almond Bar, 60 g70% Dark Chocolate Classic Bar, 50 g70% Dark Chocolate Goji Berry Bar, 60 g70% Dark Chocolate Haystacks, 150 g70% Dark Chocolate Quinoa with Hemp Hearts Bar, 85 g72% Dark Chocolate Ecuador Bar, 70 g72% Dark Chocolate Ecuador Himalayan Pink Salt & Lampong Bar, 70 g72% Dark Chocolate Peru Bar, 70 g72% Dark Chocolate Peru with Cocoa Nibs Bar, 70 g88% Dark Chocolate Classic Bar, 25 gAll You Need is Love, 16 pcAlmost Perfect Chocolates, 1.45 kgAnti-Valentine's Gift SetApple For TeacherApronAssorted Chocolate Gold Favour, Gold BandAssorted Chocolate Gold Favour, Personalized RibbonAssorted Chocolate Gold Favour, Solid RibbonAssorted Chocolate Purple Favour, Purple BandAssorted Chocolate Silver Favour, Personalized RibbonAssorted Chocolate Silver Favour, Silver BandAssorted Chocolate Silver Favour, Solid RibbonBe My ValentineBest Medicine Card Box, 60 gBest Medicine ChocogramBestsellers Snack CollectionBlossom of Fortune Gift Box, 16 pcBourbon Caramels, 6 pcMaple Leaf Lolly, box of 16Hedgehogs, box of 24Milk Chocolate Smiley Lolly, box of 50Dark Chocolate Classic Bar, box of 72Milk Chocolate Classic Bar, box of 72Bring Me Chocolate SocksBusiness Card Add OnCanadian Ice Wine Truffles Gift Box, 16 pcCanadian Ice Wine Truffles, 7 pcCanadian Maple Toffee, 50 gCaramel Marshmallow Bar, 45 gCaramelized White Chocolate Bar, 40 gCashews & Superior Nut Mix, 340 gCashews, 170 gCelebration CigarsCeramic Fondue PotChampagne Gift SetChampagne Truffles, 12 pcChili Pepper, 10 pcChocolate Chewie Bar, 50 gChocolate Emotions MugChocolate Foiled HeartsChocolate Fondue KitChocolate HeartsChocolate Journey Gift BoxChocolate Journey Lite Gift BoxChocolate Macadamias & Almonds Gift BoxChocolate PretzelsChocolate Survival Gift BasketChocolate Survival KitChocolate Year of the Pig MedallionClassic Bar, pack of 9Classic Chocolate Bar BagCoconut Fudgie Bar, 50 gCoconut Mango Creams, 6 pcCoffee Bean & Cocoa Nib Bar, 85 gCoffee Break Bar, 36 gCookie Crunch Hearts, 300 gCordial CherriesCranberry Pistachio Bark, 180 gCrisp Heart, 30 gCrisps & Chocolate Bar, 40 gCustom Mix Classics Gift BoxCustom Mix Favourites Gift Box, $8.00 - 100 gCustom Mix Mini Favourites, 6 pcDark Chocolate Bar CollectionDark Chocolate Classic Bar, 50 gDark Chocolate Classics Gift BoxDark Chocolate Cranberry Clusters, 150 gDark Chocolate Favourites Gift BoxDark Chocolate GingerDark Chocolate Heart Lolly, box of 50Dark Chocolate Heart, box of 60Dark Chocolate Mint Meltie Bar, 36 gDark Chocolate Orange Meltie Bar, 36 gDark Chocolate Sweet Georgia BrownsDark Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns, pack of 2, 70 gDark Chocolate Year of the Pig Medallion, box of 24English Toffee, 180 gEnglish ToffeeEnglish Toffee, 55 gFestive FavourFlowers & Kisses Gift BoxFluttering Hearts Gift BoxFondue Gift SetFortune Cookies, 6 pcFortune Gift SetFruit JelliesGalentine's Gift BasketGalentine's Gift SetGeometric Heart Gift Box, 8 pcGoat Cheese & Chardonnay, 6 pcGold Coins, 4.5 kgGold Coins, 80 gGuardian TinHalf Dozen RosesHappy Birthday Card Box, 60 gHappy Birthday ChocogramHappy Birthday Gift Box, 16 pcHappy Birthday TinHappy Valentine's Day Card BoxHappy Workiversary Card Box, 60 gHappy Workiversary ChocogramHappy Workiversary Mini Favourites, 6 pcHeart Box Gift SetHeart LollyHedgehog SocksHedgehogsHedgehogs, pack of 1, 24 gHedgehogs, pack of 3, 72 gHelping Hearts Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels, 4 pcHimalayan Pink Salt CaramelsHimalayan Pink Salt Peanut ButterHot Chocolate & Marshmallow HeartsHot Chocolate Gift SetHot Chocolate, 335 gIconic Milk Chocolate Bar, 85 gInsulated ToteLai See PackLai See Pack Gift SetLayer MintsLet's Spend the Night Mini Favourites, 6 pcLife Happens Card Box, 60 gLife Happens ChocogramLipstick, 50 gLove & Chocolate Mini Favourites, 6 pcLunar New Year Gift BasketLunar New Year Gift SetLunar New Year Gift TinLunar New Year Gift ToteLunar New Year Mini Favourites, 6 pcLunar New Year Miniatures, 2.2 kgMilk & Dark Chocolate Caramel Bites, 200 gMacadamias & Superior Nut Mix, 340 gMacadamias, 170 gMandarin, 6 pcMango, 6 pcMaple Leaf Lolly, 30 gMaple Syrup, 100 mlMarshmallow Bar, 65 gMarshmallow HeartMarzipan Bar, 36 gMatcha Coconut Bar, 45 gMatcha, 6 pcMeh Valentine’s Survival kitMilk & Dark Chocolate Bar BagMilk & Dark Chocolate Bar CollectionMilk & Dark Chocolate CaramelsMilk & Dark Chocolate Classics Gift BoxMilk & Dark Chocolate CreamsMilk & Dark Chocolate Favourites Gift Box, Canada CollectionMilk & Dark Chocolate Favourites Gift Box, Gift RibbonMilk & Dark Chocolate Favourites Gift BoxMilk & Dark Chocolate GingerMilk & Dark Chocolate Heart BoxMilk & Dark Chocolate Mint MeltiesMilk & Dark Chocolate Mocha MeltiesMilk & Dark Chocolate NutsMilk & Dark Chocolate Nuts & CaramelsMilk Chocolate & Almond Bar, 50 gMilk Chocolate Bar CollectionMilk Chocolate Classic Bar, 50 gMilk Chocolate Classics Gift BoxMilk Chocolate Favourites Gift BoxMilk Chocolate Foiled Balls, Red Tote, 225 gMilk Chocolate Foiled Hearts, 4.5 kgMilk Chocolate Haystacks, 150 gMilk Chocolate Heart BoxMilk Chocolate Heart Lolly, box of 50Milk Chocolate Heart, box of 60Milk Chocolate Mint Meltie Bar, 36 gMilk Chocolate Orange Meltie Bar, 36 gMilk Chocolate Sweet Georgia BrownsMilk Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns, pack of 2, 70 gMilk Chocolate Year of the Pig Medallion, box of 24Mini Hedgehog Gold Favour, Gold BandMini Hedgehog Gold Favour, Personalized RibbonMini Hedgehog Gold Favour, Solid RibbonMini Hedgehog Purple Favour, Purple BandMini Hedgehog Silver Favour, Personalized RibbonMini Hedgehog Silver Favour, Silver BandMini Hedgehog Silver Favour, Solid RibbonMini HedgehogsMini Salted Caramels Luv Bites, 200 gMini Sweet Georgia BrownsMint Heart, 30 gMountain Mix Bar, 30 gNo Sugar Added Chocolate Survival KitNo Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Almond Bar, 60 gNo Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Bar, 50 gNo Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Mint Meltie Bar, 36 gNo Sugar Added Favourites Gift BoxNo Sugar Added Hedgehogs, pack of 1, 24 gNo Sugar Added Hedgehogs, pack of 3, 72 gNo Sugar Added Mighty Nutty Bar, 50 gNo Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bar, 50 gNo Sugar Added Mini HedgehogsNo Sugar Added Mini Sweet Georgia BrownsNo Sugar Added Mini Sweet Georgia Browns, pack of 3, 40 gNo Sugar Added Peanut Butter Bar, 36 gNutty Mac Whites, pack of 2, 70 gOh, Baby Card Box, 60 gOh, Baby ChocogramOh, Baby Mini Favourites, 6 pcOttawa Tribute Gift Box, 16 pcPeanut Butter & Jelly, 6 pcPeanut Butter Bar, 36 gPeanut Butter DaisiesPeanut Butter DuoPeanut Butter FingersPeanut Butter Heart, 30 gPen Set, 6 pcPencil Set, 12 pcPhilbert PlushiePucker, 12 gPumpkin Caramels, 6 pcPumpkin Truffles, 7 pcPurdys Picks, 12 Month Chocolate SubscriptionPurdys Picks, 3 Month Chocolate SubscriptionPurdys Picks, 6 Month Chocolate SubscriptionRainbow Explosion Bar, 85 gRainbow Mini Salted Caramels, 200 gRaspberry Hearts, 200 gRaspberry Jellies, 180 gRibbon Application FeeRose, 50 gRosemary Hazelnut Bark, 180 gSalted Butter Toffee BarSalted Hazelnut FlakeSignature Chocolates Gift BasketSignatures Gift TowerSmiley LollySmoothiesSnowballsSoft CentresSolid Gold Gift Box, 16 pcSpecial Thanks Gift BasketSpiral NotebookStainless Steel TumblerSuperior Nut Mix, 170 gSweet Celebrations TinSweetheart BagThank You Card Box, 60 gThank You ChocogramThank You Gift Box, 16 pcThank You Gift SetThank You Mini Favourites, 6 pcThank You TinTiramisu Truffles, 7 pcToasted Buckwheat Bar, 85 gTokens of Affection Gift SetTruffle Gold Favour, Gold BandTruffle Gold Favour, Personalized RibbonTruffle Gold Favour, Solid RibbonTruffle Purple Favour, Purple BandTruffle Silver Favour, Personalized RibbonTruffle Silver Favour, Solid RibbonTrufflesTurkish DelightTuronaValentine Wishes Gift BasketValentine Wishes Gift TinValentines Shmalentines Mini Favourites, 6 pcWhen Life Gives You Chocolate Card Box, 60 gWhen Life Gives You Chocolate ChocogramWhite Chocolate Classic Bar, 50 gWhite Chocolate Heart Lolly, box of 50White Chocolate Heart, box of 60Fluttering Hearts Gift BoxHappy Valentine's Day Card BoxFluttering Hearts Gift BoxFluttering Hearts Gift BoxFluttering Hearts Gift Box