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Purdys' Chocolates

Q. How can I obtain product ingredient information?

A. All of our chocolates have product ingredient lists on the package. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please email us with your questions.

Q. Does Purdys have low-carb chocolates?

A. Purdys has a line of No Sugar Added chocolates that are a tasty alternative to regular chocolates.

Q. How does Purdys come up with “new product” ideas?

A. We have a New Product Development Committee that meets regularly to discuss new ideas for products. Our staff look for trends in the food industry, while also listening to customer comments — what they like and dislike. After a new product is created, we do a test market, and if it's successful, we extend the product to all our chocolate shops.

Specialty Programs

Q. Does Purdys offer a Wedding Program?

A. We have a Celebration Program available online and through our chocolate shops. Please click here for details, or drop by any Purdys chocolate shop to see the different options available to make your special event a success.

Q. Does Purdys offer fundraising programs?

A. Yes, we have two fundraising opportunities available. First, we have a seasonal fundraising program where you can earn up to 25 percent profit on a wide variety of chocolates during Christmas and Easter; our Year-Round Chocolate Bar Fundraising program allows you the opportunity to earn up to 50 percent profit selling our classic milk and dark chocolate bars! If you are interested in information on any of these programs, please forward your group name, contact name, address, and phone number, and one of our fundraising specialists will contact you.


Q. Will Purdys send chocolates overseas?

A. Purdys will ship chocolates almost anywhere. Check the Shipping Information page, or call 1-888-478-7397 for international rates.

Q. I bought too much! Can I return my chocolates?

A. All of our products are final sale. If you find you have more chocolates than you need, we recommend sharing them with friends and family or donating them to your local food bank.


Q. Does Purdys offer discounts for large orders?

A. Yes. Purdys offers volume discounts from 10–20 percent on chocolate orders of $500.00 and up. These discounts are available for online and in-store orders. Click here for details.

Store Information

Q. Does Purdys franchise their locations?

A. No. Purdys does not offer franchise opportunities. All of our chocolate shops are corporately owned & operated. We do not sell chocolates wholesale. Purdys chocolates are only available to purchase through Purdys.


Q. How can I apply for work at a local Purdys Chocolatier shop?

A. If you are interested in applying to work in one of our chocolate shops, you can pick up an application form at any of our retail locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario or you can apply directly online. Positions available at our Head Office are advertised locally or posted online.

Q. Does Purdys offer factory tours?

A. Unfortunately, due to increased demands on space in our factory, Purdys is unable to offer factory tours at this time.