63 LifeStraw Community water filters are on their way to Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, over 4 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources, especially in rural areas (source: Unicef).

Together, from April to June 2017, we raised enough funds for 63 LifeStraw Community water filters to make clean, safe drinking water possible in our cocoa-growing communities.

Just one of those filters provides safe, clean drinking water for about 60 children for three whole years. 63 of those filters means that over 3,700 children can now have access to clean water.

The LifeStraw Community filters are on their way to schools and medical centres in cocoa-growing communities in Ivory Coast that are part of our Sustainable Cocoa Program farm co-ops. Our on-the-ground partners there will work with local community leaders to distribute the filters and provide training on their use and care plus important WASH (water, health and hygiene) training for teachers and students.

We will have another update on the Clean Water Project in a couple of months.


LifeStraw Community filters, made by Swiss company Vestergaard Frandsen, are award-winning devices that are easy to use and provide clean, safe drinking water without the use of any chemicals, electricity or other special treatments.

These filters remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoan (disease-causing) parasites—which means that fewer children miss school because of illness from dirty water or because they must fetch water from places that aren’t easily accessible.


LifeStraw Community water filters have an immediate impact on a community’s access to clean, safe drinking water.

Many communities’ source of water is unfiltered groundwater from rivers, streams and lakes rather than wells or boreholes. Unfiltered water can contain bacteria and other contaminants that can cause illness and disease.

Which is why the Clean Water Project specifically focused on raising funds for LifeStraw Community filters to be distributed in cocoa-growing co-ops that are part of the Purdys Sustainable Cocoa Program.

Our Sustainable Cocoa Program itself continues to support programs that build schools, dig water wells and provide medication in these cocoa-growing communities.