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Earn up to 25% Profit with Seasonal Fundraising

Support a cause by selling Canada's favourite chocolate.

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Benefits of Fundraising with Chocolate

Purdys Seasonal Fundraising is simple, and free to use. Over the years, we've helped thousands of coordinators just like you exceed their goals. For Christmas 2023, 83% of campaigns exceeded their fundraising goals.

Our seasonal fundraising program is an excellent way to make lots of profit with chocolates that practically sell themselves. There's no cost to start, it's easy to promote, and yields fantastic results.

Purdys Seasonal Fundraising Program helps you achieve your fundraising goals faster by selling our chocolates and getting back up to 25% fundraising profit for your cause. As a bonus, you can also earn a rebate of up to 5%.

How does Purdys Chocolate Fundraiser Works



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Chocolate Selection

We have over 40 different chocolates to choose from. Start or join a new campaign to see the full selection.

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

66051 Reviews


Excellent Easy Fundraiser

We've done Purdy's Fundraising twice a year for almost 5 years now and it's super fun, easy, and everyone loves it. We get a very good return and I don't need to handle all the order details myself! Doesn't hurt that the chocolate is amazing quality as well.

Caelia G.



It was a great fundraiser for Christmas! Great help from your company if you had questions. I will do it for my two groups again the Christmas!

- Shelley


Hats off to the Amazing Purdys Team!!

I can't say enough about how wonderful the entire team at Purdys is to work with. Not only is the program easy to manage and the return very generous, but each and every team member I have every had the pleasure of speaking to has been kind, professional and extremely helpful. I can't recommend this opportunity strongly enough! Thank you team Purdy stating Hats off to the Amazing Purdys Team!!ys!!

- Cindy L.


Purdys Fundraising is the best!

We have used Purdys for our soccer team's fundraising for many years! The process is very easy and so organized and the support is amazing. Highly recommend for any fundraising.

- Maria


Thank you, Purdy's!

The Purdy's fundraisers have been a huge help to our cat rescue. People love the product and enjoy buying it to support our rescue. The funds we receive have helped us save more cats, especially the ones with costly medical conditions. We look forward to the Purdy's fundraisers every year.

- Helping V.