Peanut Butter

chocolate peanut butter

Ever dreamed of the ultimate fusion of creamy peanut butter and velvety chocolate?

Dive into Purdys' Peanut Butter Chocolate collection. Every piece in this range marries the nutty richness of peanut butter with our signature cocoa blends, offering a taste sensation that's both comforting and indulgent. From smooth-filled chocolates to peanut butter truffles, this collection is a testament to a match made in flavor heaven. Explore and indulge in the delightful dance of textures and tastes that only peanut butter and chocolate can offer.

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  1. No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Bar, 36 g
    No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Bar, 36 g

    3 for $8.00

  2. Peanut Butter Bar, 36 g
    Peanut Butter Bar, 36 g

    3 for $8.00

  3. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar
    Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar, 45 g

    3 for $14.00

  4. Himalayan Peanut Butter
    Himalayan Peanut Butter
  5. Peanut Brittle, 325 g
    Peanut Brittle, 325 g
  6. Peanut Butter & Jelly
    Peanut Butter & Jelly
  7. Peanut Butter Crunch
    Peanut Butter Crunch
  8. Peanut Butter Daisies - Milk
    Peanut Butter Daisies - Milk
  9. Peanut Cluster
    Peanut Cluster

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