About Us

We're a Canadian chocolatier with a rich history.

Our founder, Richard Carmon Purdy, started selling homemade chocolates in downtown Vancouver, Canada in 1907. After 100+ years of crafting fine chocolates, you get to know a thing or two about doing it right.

At Purdys, everyone - from our chocolatiers to our in-shop chocolate connoisseurs - is always inspired to take you away from the ordinary. We source premium-quality ingredients from around the world, and choose local options whenever possible. We never compromise on quality, and you bet you can taste it.

Our chocolates are made with sustainable cocoa. We pay a premium for sustainable cocoa to ensure our farmer partners and co-ops are supported by programs that improve their profit and the livelihoods of their families. It's really quite simple, it's a choice we've made because it's the right choice to make.

Truly Canadian and truly delicious, Purdys is a family-owned company that's proudly all about chocolate.

Discover more about Purdys Heritage.

Discover more about Purdys HeritageDiscover more about Purdys Heritage