Custom Packaging Catalogue

We’re always inspired to take you away from the ordinary.

We source premium-quality ingredients from around the world, and choose
local options whenever possible. We never compromise on quality, and you
can definitely taste the difference.

All of our chocolates are made with sustainable cocoa which helps support
our farmer partners, their communities, as well as the environment.

We offer a great selection of customizable gifts for client and employee
thank-yous, special recognitions, and company celebrations.


Made with
sustainable cocoa

Every purchase you make helps
improve the lives of cocoa
farmers in rural communities.

Canada’s chocolatier
since 1907

We started out in Vancouver and
it’s where we still craft all your
favourite chocolates today.

Purdys gift

Your gifts will arrive in perfect
condition and with personalized
gift messages at no extra charge.

Introducing our Customizable Advent Calendar

Get ready to impress your clients this Christmas with our all-new Customizable Advent Calendar, the perfect gift to help you make a lasting impact. You can personalize the central insert (W 6” x H 8”) with your own logo, artwork, photo or any message that you see fit for your business. Order by October 31, 2022 and make your customers think of you not just for a moment but throughout this season!

Ways to Customize

We offer a range of attractive ways to customize your chocolate gifts.

Custom sleeve

Need more space for customization on your business gifts? We give you ALL of it! Break all boundaries and create your own custom design or message for the entire front, sides and base of the chocolate gift box. Available for 6 pc horizontal boxes, and 16 pc, 25 pc, 50 pc and 98 pc square boxes.

Minimum order of 50

Custom ribbon

Add a hand-tied satin ribbon (imprinted with your company logo, name or message) to any of our chocolate gift boxes.

Minimum order of 25

Custom chocolate assortments: Standard chocolate assortments are available for any of our gift boxes or tins, or you can select your own assortment. See to find dozens of unique chocolates.

Gift Box Sleeve Designs

Add your logo or message to one of our sleeve designs, or create your own entirely custom design. Available for 6 pc horizontal boxes, and 16 pc, 25 pc, 50 pc and 98 pc square boxes. Minimum order 50. 

6 pc

16 pc

25 pc

50 pc

98 pc

Gift Box Sleeve Designs




Gradient Stripe









Note: Each sleeve design can be customized with colours of your choice.

Christmas and Holiday Gift Box Sleeve Designs

*Cutoff date for Christmas is November 21, 2022

We want to make your gifts as unique as possible. Each of our designs lets you:

• Pick and choose a holiday greeting to be printed on your selected design.

• Customize the colours of every sleeve to your preference.

Candy Canes

Candy Cane Stripe

Holiday Tartan




Customization Pricing

Volume discounts are already included in the pricing. Customization includes up to two free design revisions*, with a 100% deposit upfront. The timeline for delivery is minimum 4 weeks after the artwork approval and does not include shipping time. Please note, the timeline may be extended depending on order complexity and/or inventory availability. Please contact

(minimum order 50)
6 pc 16 pc 25 pc 50 pc 98 pc
(49 pc x 2 layers)
50-99 $21.60 $30.60 $42.50 $89.25 $140.25
100-199 $18.00 $27.00 $41.00 $85.00 $130.00
200-499 $16.00 $26.50 $36.00 $62.00 $120.00
500-999 $14.50 $25.00 $35.00 $60.00 $115.00
1000+ $14.00 $24.00 $34.00 $58.00 $105.00
(minimum order 25)
+$1.50 +$1.50 +$1.50 +$1.50 +$1.50
(minimum order 25)
+$0.20 +$0.20 +$0.20 +$0.20 +$0.20

Save up to 15% on customization prices with orders over $1,000

Order Total Save
$1,000 - $1,499 10%
$1,500 - or more 15%

Discounts are calculated on a per-order basis and applied to the merchandise total only; shipping and/or taxes do not count towards qualifying purchase amount and will not be discounted.

Please note:

• Customer approval is required on artwork. After approval has been provided, no further changes may be made to artwork.

• Customer approval is also required on the final Purchase Order (PO). After approval has been provided, no changes of any kind may be made to the order.

• When approving artwork and the final PO, please confirm that all information is correct, including addresses, custom designs and order contents.

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