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Impress your clients and prospects with delicious chocolate gifts from Canada's favourite chocolatier.

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Looking for thoughtful ways to appreciate your clients, vendors and employees beyond just “Thank You” emails? You’re in the right place! Be it work anniversaries or new partnerships, choose from our wide range of business gift boxes, tins and baskets loaded with the tastiest chocolate assortments.

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Reinforce your brand with custom gift boxes featuring your logo, unique messaging, custom designs and custom ribbons. Choose a chocolate assortment or add your business card for a more personal touch.

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Want to send gifts to different recipients in a single order? Choose elegant business gifts from our wide range of options and we’ll get them delivered to their respective addresses!

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We’ve been crafting fine chocolates for Canada since 1907.

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All our chocolate gifts are made with sustainable cocoa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we have a number of options for savings on large orders.

Corporate Discounts Volume Discount Advantages
Exlusive Savings Spend Discount Program Shipping Selection & Availability Benefits
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25% Christmas $750 or More Christmas seasonal Group Savings Program Single address only Selected Seasonal Chocolates Additional rebates**
25% Easter $375.00 or More Easter Seasonal Group Savings Program Single address only Selected Seasonal Chocolates Additional rebates**

In most cases, chocolate treats and snacks are considered as the most appropriate business gifts. Chocolate gifts are loved universally and convey a sense of gratitude and appreciation, making them ideal for showing clients, partners and employees that their contributions are valued. They are suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it's to celebrate achievements, holidays, milestones or simply to express goodwill.

You create an emotional connection by giving a gift. The act of determining the right gift, an appropriate gift, takes time and attention. Think of who you are and what you want your customers to think of when they receive your gift. Do you want it to tell your story or thank them for all they do for you? Do they have a favorite or will sharing your favorite with them help build that relationship? The most thoughtful gifts often build profitable relationships that can last a lifetime. Send what you love to receive.

Employee gifts can be impactful and help build a strong and productive team. Small gifts like the Hedgehogs (pack of 3) or Vegan Chocolate Trail Mix Bars can be given any time of the year to reinforce great work results. For birthdays and anniversaries, you can personalize your gifts with custom branded ribbon making your gift extra special. For milestones and special events, customizing the Assorted Chocolate Classics Gift Box is the way to go. Determining your budget ahead of time for each type of event helps make your choices quicker and easier.

Successful gift-giving is guided by five key rules. Firstly, consider the recipient's preferences and interests to ensure a thoughtful and personalized choice. Secondly, the occasion and context should dictate the appropriateness and significance of the gift. Thirdly, gifts should reflect the giver's genuine sentiment, fostering a meaningful connection. Fourthly, practicality and usability enhance the value of the gift, ensuring it brings joy to the recipient's life. Lastly, presentation matters; well-packaged gifts convey attention to detail and elevate the overall experience, leaving a positive and lasting impression on the recipient.

Offering a gift as a sign of gratitude can be good for business. However, in many industries and companies, there are guidelines on the size and value of gifts that employees are allowed to accept. These policies can assume that small gifts are unproblematic but higher value gifts may lead to conflict of interest.

Chocolates are the best choice when it comes to business gifting for Christmas due to their universal appeal and festive spirit. They convey warmth, generosity and thoughtfulness, aligning perfectly with the holiday season. Chocolates create memorable experiences, symbolizing the joy of giving and sharing. Their versatility makes them suitable for various business relationships, while customizable packaging enhances branding efforts. The positive associations with chocolate evoke feelings of comfort and delight, leaving a lasting impression and fostering goodwill among clients, partners and employees.