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A Sizzling Combo of Ingredients: Introducing Cinnamon Sizzle

About this time last year, one of Purdys' longtime fans contacted us with an idea.

Charleen, said fan, thought it would be "incredibly tasty" (her words) if we blended our famously creamy white chocolate with Cinnamon Hearts candy.

She's right.

Introducting Cinnamon Sizzle, white chocolate peppered with sizzling Cinnamon Hearts for a spicy sweetness that goes on and onnnn and onnnnnn.

It turns out Cinnamon Hearts have actually been around for a while. There's a reference to "red cinnamon candies" in a recipe in the Evening Indepedent newspaper in Florida from 1929. Cinnamon Hearts, also known as Red Hots or by the generic name cinnamon imperials, were a huge favourite to use in applesauce recipes back in the day.

It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that Cinnamon Hearts have always been associated with Valentine's Day.

And what better to pair with Cinnamon Hearts than our sweet, creamy white chocolate? Usually the sweetest of all chocolates, white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. In the process of chocolate-making, cocoa is separated into cocoa liquor (also known as cocoa mass or unsweetened chocolate) and cocoa butter. Milk and dark chocolates are made with cocoa liquor and cocoa butter but white chocolate is made with just cocoa butter.

Go on, try this sweet & spicy pairing for Valentine's day with that special person in your life...if you can find it in your heart to share.

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