Easter Gift Ideas Approved by Bunnies and Chocolate Lovers

February 15, 2023

Why is there chocolate at Easter?

The tradition of eating chocolate during Easter has become deeply ingrained in many cultures around the world. It is common to give and receive chocolate gifts and baskets during the holiday, and Easter chocolate hunts are a popular activity for families, schools, and communities. The Easter Bunny has become a beloved figure associated with the holiday, often depicted carrying a basket overflowing with chocolate eggs to share with children and adults alike. The exact origins of the association between chocolate and Easter are not clear, but the practice of giving chocolate eggs may have been adopted as a way to celebrate and mark the holiday in a way that was both festive and delicious.


What do Easter eggs symbolize?

The egg has long been a symbol of new life and rebirth across different cultures and religions. Now, the tradition of decorating Easter eggs is practiced by both religious and non-religious communities. It’s become a universal activity that brings together communities around the world and invites everyone to enjoy a fun and delicious tradition. Easter hunts and rolls are popular egg-related activities during Easter. The White House famously hosts annual Easter egg rollson their lawn for local children to participate and compete.


The Bunny: Bouncing its way into History and Tradition

No one is really sure how rabbits became Easter’s symbolic mascot, but rabbits are well-utilized as symbols of fertility and new life—themes that are prominent in Easter and during the spring season. According to some accounts, the Easter Bunny was first introduced in America during the 1700s through Germain immigrants having brought their tradition of egg-laying hare called “Osterhase”. Eventually, as traditions do, it spread across the U.S. and was adopted through to modern Western culture. 


Okay—enough of Easter history. Let’s talk about Easter chocolate gifts! 

 As much as we want to keep our childhood well into adulthood, it’s the kids who appreciate the magic of Easter the most. From the chocolate-giving Easter Bunny, to incredible Easter egg hunts where they scramble to unearth delicious, brightly-foiled chocolates. Much like Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day, the promise of chocolate gifts fills the day with excitement and the memories last for a lifetime. 

 But sometimes thinking of fresh, exciting ideas and gifts for Easter can be hard—especially since there are only a few Easter themes and symbols to choose from. There are only so many chocolate hunts and egg decorations you can plan. 

 Well, don’t worry your fluffy tail over it. We have delicious, fun, memory-making chocolate gift ideas to fill your kids’ Easter with excitement, magic, and chocolate wonder.


Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Fill your kids’ (big or little) Easter holiday with our amazing and adorable Easter chocolates. Kids of all ages will enjoy our famous chocolate bunnies, delicious chocolate Easter eggs, and magical gift baskets. Our friendly best-selling Barnaby Bunny can be the first thing your little ones see by their bed when they wake up on Easter morning. Or hear them squeal with delight when they find our Easter eggs hidden throughout the house.

Chocolate Bunnies

Bring joy with our chocolate bunnies. The famous Barnaby Bunny is only $11 each and is made of creamy solid chocolate. Or bring a smile with the adorable Baby Bunny who’s almost too cute to eat. Find your favourite bunny in white, dark, milk chocolate.


Chocolate Eggs

Our amazing and delicious chocolate Easter Eggs are here and ready to help you and your family make delicious Easter memories. Shop favourites like Caramel Eggs, Crisp Eggs, and even Vegan Eggs!



Approved By Bunnies & Chocolate Lovers

What are some creative ways to use Easter chocolate in recipes?

Luckily, we have plenty of solutions and ALL of them are delicious. Chocolates are tasty in all forms (especially our chocolates), and we have amazing recipes that can take leftover Easter chocolates into mouth-watering Easter desserts and baked treats! Grab your mixer and your best kitchen helper to try any of these chocolate recipes.


White Chocolate Custard Easter Egg Nests

Coo over these adorable (and tasty) custard egg nests made with creamy white chocolate and phyllo pastry dough.

White Chocolate Custard Easter Egg Nests Recipe


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pots de Crème

Rich. Creamy. And oh-so velvety. Chocolate and peanut butter come together in the most magical way.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pots de Crème recipe

Dark Chocolate Carrot Cake

Impress your whole party with this classic carrot cake featuring our delicious dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Carrot Cake recipes

Chocolate Marshmallow Mousse Tart

Easter dessert with a luxurious twist, this recipe features the delightful texture of our Mallow Eggs and a hint of Grand Marnier.

Chocolate Marshmallow Mousse Tart recipe

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