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Cancy Chocolate

Why is Purdys' candy chocolate irresistibly unique?

It's where innovation meets tradition in every bite. At Purdys, we elevate the classic love for chocolate by intertwining it with the playful essence of candy, creating an extraordinary collection of Candy & Chocolate. This delightful fusion brings together the richness of cocoa with the whimsical joy of candy, offering a tantalizing array of flavors and textures. From the smooth embrace of chocolate bars to the sweet surprise of candy-coated treats, our creations are a testament to our chocolatiers' artistry and passion. Embark on a delicious adventure with Purdys and let the extraordinary blend of candy and chocolate enchant your senses and spark joy with every bite.

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  1. Caramel Bites, 200 g
    Caramel Bites, 200 g
  2. Almond Caramel - Milk
    Almond Caramel - Milk
  3. Bourbon Caramel
    Bourbon Caramel
  4. Brown Butter Maple Caramel
    Brown Butter Maple Caramel
  5. Caramel Carnival
    Caramel Carnival
  6. Cherry Caramel
    Cherry Caramel - Dark
  7. Coffee Caramel
    Coffee Caramel - Dark
  8. Dark Chocolate Cashew Caramel
    Cashew Caramel - Dark
  9. Himalayan Caramel - Dark
    Himalayan Caramel - Dark
  10. Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramel
    Vanilla Caramel - Dark
  11. Milk Chocolate Cashew Caramel
    Cashew Caramel - Milk
  12. Himalayan Caramel - Milk
    Himalayan Caramel - Milk
  13. Milk Chocolate Vanilla Caramel
    Vanilla Caramel - Milk
  14. Pecan Caramel
    Pecan Caramel
  15. Vegan Hawaiian Black Salt Caramel
    Vegan Hawaiian Black Salt Caramel
  16. Vegan Dark Caramel
    Vegan Dark Caramel