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Advent Calendars

Get ready for the season’s tastiest countdown!

The Countdown to Christmas Starts Here

Waiting for Christmas is easier with chocolate! And that’s why we’ve got deliciously unique Advent Calendars for both kids and kids at heart. Don’t miss the chance to make the Holiday countdown extra fun with a daily dose of chocolate joy!

Santa’s Lodge Advent Calendar

Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar

Custom Advent Calendar

Braille Advent Calendar

Braille Advent Calendar

This season, give someone the joy of a Christmas countdown with our Braille Advent Calendar. This Advent Calendar features 24 tabs with numbers in Braille that open up to reveal a scrumptious surprise every day.

Customize Your Advent Calendars

Did you know you can also personalize your advent calendars? Sprinkle some extra magic to our Custom Advent Calendars by adding your own photo, artwork, company logo or any message to its central insert (W 6” x H 8”). A minimum order of 50 is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Advent calendar is a festive calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Advent calendars are designed to build excitement and anticipation for Christmas by allowing individuals to open a numbered window or compartment each day, revealing a surprise, small gift, or a piece of chocolate.

An Advent calendar typically has 24 days. It starts on December 1st and ends on December 24th, Christmas Eve. It's a fun and festive way for people to mark the days leading up to Christmas and create a sense of joyful anticipation for the holiday.

Usually, chocolate Advent calendars are considered the best for their universal appeal and delightful simplicity. They combine the joy of anticipation with the indulgence of daily chocolate treats. Chocolate's widespread popularity, especially among both, children and adults, makes these calendars a cherished holiday tradition that brings sweetness and excitement to the countdown to Christmas.

We say advent calendars are appropriate for all ages. While some may associate them with children, they hold universal charm. They delight in the daily surprises, fostering excitement for Christmas. Adults relish the nostalgic joy or indulge in the delicious treats. These calendars embrace holiday spirit and anticipation, fostering connections across generations.