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Discover the joy of Purdys Vegan Chocolate! Made with plant-based ingredients and sustainable cocoa, you'll love finding new favourites in our growing selection. Try our new Vegan Hawaiian Black Salt Caramels made with creamy vegan mylk chocolate and oh-so-chewy vegan caramel.

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What is MYLK chocolate?

Mylk Chocolate is our vegan version of dairy-based chocolate—without the dairy! The "mylk" comes from rice!   

Mylk From Rice?—What?

No, we don’t “milk” rice. The “mylk” in our Mylk Chocolate is made with rice powder. The result is creamy, smooth and very, very delicious chocolate.

Happy Highlights

Plant-Based Ingredients

Made in Designated Areas in Our Factory Kitchen

Sustainable Cocoa

Crafted Right Here in Canada

Vegan Caramel—but HOW!? 

We would love to say MAGIC. But the truth is even better: we take apple cider and coconut milk, and cook it to perfection to make a chewy, unbelievably buttery vegan caramel.

Have Questions? We LOVE Questions!

Here are some we’ve answered (so far).

Most dark chocolate is inherently vegan. Superior quality dark chocolate only has a handful of ingredients: cocoa, (usually listed as cocoa mass and cocoa butter), sugar, lecithin, and sometimes vanilla... Learn more in our Purdys Vegan Chocolate Guide

It’s called Hawaiian Black Salt and is harvested from the oceans of Hawaii.

The origin, the taste, and the colour. The salt on the Vegan Caramels comes from Hawaii and is black in colour. It is made from a traditional Hawaiian process of harvesting sea salt and then infusing it from activated charcoal made by burning coconut shells. The salt has a slightly cooked taste that pairs beautifully with the caramel.

Normally, caramel is made with dairy ingredients. Our vegan caramel replaces the dairy with apple cider and coconut milk that’s then cooked to perfection with sugar. This results in a chewy, buttery caramel that’s a delight to bite into and savour. Our process includes cooking our vegan caramel recipe in a big copper kettle until we get the perfect golden colour, chewy texture, and amazing taste.

Our vegan caramel gets its wonderfully stretchy texture by carefully cooking it to just the right temperature and consistency—so every bite isn’t too sticky or hard. The result is pure satisfaction with every chew.

Our Factory Kitchen is equipped with vegan-dedicated machinery in areas separate from our regular lines. Each piece of equipment in these areas are meant for making only delicious vegan treats.

Mylk chocolate is our vegan version of dairy milk-based chocolate—without the dairy! We use rice powder in our Mylk chocolates as a dairy alternative to give it that creamy, smooth taste.

Our vegan chocolates do not contain any dairy ingredients, they are crafted with our vegan-only equipment and within our vegan-only areas. Please note, while our Vegan Chocolates / Dairy Free Chocolates are genuine in their ingredients, they are produced in a facility that uses milk, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and eggs.

Our white chocolates are made with dairy ingredients, and therefore cannot be vegan. Our vegan chocolates can only be made without animal-based ingredients, with our vegan-only equipment and within our vegan-only areas.

No. While our dark chocolate does not contain any dairy ingredients, it is still made with equipment and within areas where it may come in contact with dairy ingredients. Our vegan chocolates can only be made without animal-based ingredients, with our vegan-only equipment and within our vegan-only areas.

We're All About Sustainable Cocoa

We ensure our cocoa partners are paid fairly so they can support their families, communities and the environment.