1907: The Year Things Got Sweet

June 30, 2017
1907: The Year Things Got Sweet

It's Canada's 150th birthday this year! And it's our 110th birthday!

We figured we'd celebrate with chocolate (always chocolate) and take a look back at some sweet moments in our Purdys history.

First up, 1907 AKA the beginning.

Purdys' founder, Richard Carmon Purdy, was originally from London, Ontario. Born on January 20, 1878, he moved out west to Vancouver some time in the early 1900s.

He was also a barber by trade, according to the 1901 Canadian Census.

We're not sure if he was a good barber but he had a real passion and talent for chocolate-making.

So in 1907, he traded shaving cream for chocolate shavings.

He sold his homemade chocolates on the streets of Vancouver and pretty soon after, he saw the need for an actual chocolate shop to meet the demands of his increasing fan base.

That original shop was at 915 Robson Street, in an area of Vancouver that was quickly becoming the heart of the downtown shopping district.

And the rest is sweet, sweet history.

Want a taste of that history? Get it with Vanilla Caramels, crafted from an original 1907 recipe.

You can find Vanilla Caramels on their own in the Chocolate Case or in our Caramel Assortment. If you like, you can request a custom pack of just Vanilla Caramels, whether you're ordering online or in a shop, or just enjoy some other incredible caramels with them. Either/or, you can't go wrong.

Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels are also crafted from the same OG 1907 recipe.

Isn't learning about history just tasty?

Next up, we're going back to 1939. And cows. Oh, yeah, it's a good story.