The Tasty Art of Giving: Every Occasion is Extra Special with Purdys Chocolate.

March 1, 2022
The Tasty Art of Giving: Every Occasion is Extra Special with Purdys Chocolate.

Let Purdys do the gifting, and you take care of the celebrating (and eating!).

At Purdys, we’re experts at crafting magical memories. When you celebrate with Purdys, you’re making lifelong memories. Why? Because we have the secret ingredient...chocolate! Whether it’s an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or “just because”, your best moments will be all the more special when it’s sweetened with chocolate.

We offer trinkets of treats, to towering baskets of goodies to make it easy to connect with loved ones, spread joy to those who need it, and create perfect memories.

Make a Wish! (For More Chocolate)

They may only come once a year, but birthdays mean you’re guaranteed that one day of cake, presents, and all around joy. Celebrate your own birthday, mother’s, partners, or friends with our chocolate birthday gifts designed just for the occasion (you don’t even need to blow out the candles). And what’s a birthday without the most amazing birthday cake? Try your hand at baking your own to make it extra special. Our recipe for chocolate butter cheesecake will be a certified hit at parties and get-togethers.

Thank Them and Treat Them

Saying “thank you” can be one of the most heartwarming moments of human connection. It’s the opportunity to show your appreciation for their kindness and presence in your life. So make each opportunity count with gifts that represent your gratitude. Our thank you gifts have been designed just for those meaningful moments. From small thank you tokens to beautiful chocolate gift baskets heaped with their favourite treats.

Any-versary is a Chocolate Anniversary

The gift for your first wedding anniversary may be paper, but we’re pretty sure they’d prefer chocolate. Whether you’re keeping up with special family anniversaries that are decades old, or celebrating fun unique anniversaries between close friends, make those moments more magical with our chocolate anniversary gifts. We offer beautiful ribbon options to add that extra personal touch.

Work (From Home) Perks

If you and your team are currently separated by computer screen, reaching out and keeping up morale can be difficult. Even celebrating victories or offering encouragement can seem impossible. The fun office culture of snack tables, Friday lunches are no longer an option with remote work culture. So let Purdys help you recreate the fun team dynamic with our chocolate Work From Home Gifts! Break into delicious treats together during virtual happy hours, or write special notes of encouragement in our chocolate card boxes.

Perfect Presents At Any Price

You don’t need a big price tag to make celebrations meaningful and special! It’s always the thought that counts...especially if that thought is chocolate. Thankfully, we have great chocolate gifts for any budget. If you’re looking to buy a number of gifts at once, we have tasty gifts under $15. Looking for something more or needing a gift for a host or hostess? Our gifts $15 to $25, and gifts $25 to $50 will delight any recipient. And, of course, if you walk in the room carrying any of these gifts over $50 you’ll likely become the most popular person at any party.

Add Your Personal Touch for the Extra Touch

Nothing is quite as special as receiving a gift that’s made just for you. It’s those extra meaningful details that show someone just how much they are loved, valued, and appreciated. And the gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant—simple ideas like printed photos, handwritten cards or spending the day together can be more than enough. Or show them how much you know and care about them with a Purdys custom mix gift box. Select their favourite treats and we can even add a personal message for free!

The In-Person Experience

It’s easy to look at our amazing gifts online, but a responsible gifter needs to try out the gifts for themselves, right? Visit your nearest Purdys shop, and see for yourself the amazing chocolates and gift selection we have. Our passionate and knowledgeable team can answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one (and maybe yourself, too, while you’re there).

Gift a Card, any Card

If you’re truly stuck, or you’re short on time. Our e-Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion and will always bring a smile to a loved one’s face. Choose any of our beautiful designs, or upload a special image of your own. Send it straight to their phone or inbox instantly, or schedule to send it later. It’s a convenient, thoughtful gift that anyone will appreciate.

Gift-giving can be confusing, and, at times, stressful. But with more than a hundred years of crafting and bringing joy with our chocolates, Purdys has made it easy for anyone to celebrate, connect, and make magical memories together. Shop for your chocolate gifts online or in-shop today, and make your occasion extra special with Purdys. We also offer free delivery across Canada on orders over $99.