Into the Dome: Cocoa Butter Spraying Process

January 20, 2017
Into the Dome: Cocoa Butter Spraying Process

Cocoa butter spraying is an artisan process done by hand, and our chocolatier Rachel McKinley (that’s her in the photo!) has been perfecting this process, experimenting with colour formulas, recipes and even spray textures on the dome moulds.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of cocoa butter spraying on our lip-smacking new chocolates, like MatchaJasmine CaramelSake & Sakura and Sparkling & Roses.

So what's the process for cocoa butter spraying?

Plain cocoa butter, a natural oil extracted from the cocoa bean, is blended with dyes from only all-natural sources like plants and minerals. The primary colours (red, yellow and blue) come from berries and herbs, and the white comes from a naturally occurring mineral that is also used in vitamin tablets and supplements.

By mixing all these colours together, we can create an infinite number of colour formulas for our chocolates (and yes, we’re finalizing the famous Purdys purple!).

The colours are sprayed into the moulds before the chocolate is moulded—that’s right, we spray the moulds first, and then the chocolates are moulded into the painted mould cavities to get a glossy, gorgeous finish.

Cool, huh?