J is for Jasmine, Joy and Justgiveittomenow

March 16, 2017
J is for Jasmine, Joy and Justgiveittomenow

Hello world, we've just launched Jasmine Caramel, and it's a gorgeous piece both in looks and taste!

Inside a creamy milk chocolate shell, you'll taste a lush liquid caramel that's just bursting with floral jasmine flavour.

Each shell is speckled with naturally coloured cocoa butter, and you can read more about this incredibly cool process in our previous blog post: Into the Dome: Cocoa Butter Spraying Process.

Jasmine Caramel was inspired by Songkran, the Thai New Year, and by its famous Water Festival where thousands of people bring on the new year with epic water fights.

 comes from a Sanskrit word that's literally translated as "astrological passage", which is another way of saying "transformation" or "change".

In Thai culture, water symbolizes purification and it's used to wash away bad luck to start fresh for a new year.

As for Jasmine, it's a hugely popular flavour in Thai desserts so it makes for a fitting tribute to Songkran—but it's also a piece that celebrates Spring (#nomoresnow), new things and the joy of chocolate.

We're sure you'll agree when you try it.