Moms of Purdys video: outtakes and exclusives

May 2, 2018
Moms of Purdys video: outtakes and exclusives

Last week, we told the world about our moms: which emoji they’d be, what we did to make them mad (ooooh), our favourite memory of mom…

But there’s a mystery in this video too.

At the 0:44 mark in the video, Paul (who’s part of our IT department and keeps our point-of-sale systems in tip-top shape) delivers this memorable line:

“And then she’d get so angry at us, that she’d actually put a lock on the freezer.”

Can you guess what Paul used to do as a child to warrant this kind of heavy mom artillery (momtillery)?

“I have a brother who is 2 years older than I am. No sisters—just a brother. The one thing about having two growing boys in the house is we ate and ate and ate. We were always hungry.

We’d be opening the freezer before mom got home from work, taking out pizza, hot dogs (all the not-so-healthy items) and cooking them up right after school, before dinner time. We would pretty much be eating a whole meal for an after-school snack and then when dinner time came, we’d still be eating our full meals and getting seconds.

And that’s what basically led to the lock on the freezer.”


Mystery solved.

And while the final cut of the video is an extremely polished and put-together version (like we used to look on the first day of school with so much of mom’s help!), we had a few...outtakes...along the way.

Behold our bloopers:

We also asked a few more very serious questions off-camera, like:

If your mom had a superpower, what would it be?

The most popular answer?

“I think she’d be like the Flash, really fast so she could clean stuff.”

“The ability to be really quick, so she could do chores faster.”

“She would snap her finger and everything would be clean.”

“To clean everything at the snap of a finger.”

“Mind control. To make me clean my room.”

Well played on that last one, mom. Well played.

Which fictional character would your mom like to meet?

“Wonder Woman.”

“Cinderella or Snow White because they can talk to animals.”

“Thor, because she thinks he’s hot.”

Can’t argue with those picks.

If you and your mom went on vacation together, where would you go?

“Anywhere there’s a beach.”

“Somewhere like Hawaii. She likes warm, sunny places.”

“Wherever there’s a beach and a margarita, that’s where she would go.”

Yup, mom knows what she likes, whether it’s Thor, a vacation spot or her favourite chocolates.

Which you should definitely get for her for Mother’s Day (coming up on Sunday, May 13) if you want to stay her favourite too.