A Day Dad Deserves: Ideas and Activities for a Fantastic Father's Day.

May 12, 2021
A Day Dad Deserves:  Ideas and Activities for a Fantastic Father's Day.

Let the good times roll this Father’s Day. Give Dad a celebration he’ll brag to his friends about.

To the king of the grill, your shoulder to lean on, and the reigning champion of groan-worthy puns (you secretly love), our dads are always there for us whatever and whenever we need. We’re here to help you plan a fun, thoughtful Father’s Day he deserves. From crafting fun to delicious food, and of course, tasty chocolate treats, we have gifts and activities filled with thought and personal touches to spoil your World’s Best Dad.

Let the Backyard Games Begin!

If your dad loves sports, plan a tournament or sports day in your own backyard! From baseball to your own version of the Olympics (Dad-Olympics?), your dad will have a great time going head to head with the whole family in a (friendly) backyard competition. During breaks, refuel with snacks like our bite-sized Peanut Butter Fingers.

Creating with the Craftsman.

If your dad is always working away at a project in the garage, a great way to spend time with him on Father’s Day is to complete a project together. From kids’ swings to bird houses, these projects will keep your hands busy and the bonding will keep your hearts full. After it’s all done, take a step back and admire your hard work with some Milk Chocolate Haystacks.

Put On His Chef’s Hat

Does your dad cook as well as Gordon Ramsey or at least he says he does? Find a recipe you and Dad can make together—whether it’s a lavish five-course meal, or a recreation of an old family recipe, you’ll be whipping up new happy memories your dad will cherish forever. You can even create a dessert with our Classic Chocolate Bars for baking. (Tip: Try our Sweet Georgia Brown Cheesecake Popsicles recipe for an easy, tasty summer treat).

Leave it to Mother...Nature

Take the memories to the mountains this Father’s Day! Enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine through the trees as you and Dad hike your favourite trails. Father’s Day is a great chance to catch up and tackle a particular hike he’s always wanted to go to, or enjoy a simple day-hike with amazing scenery. Make sure to pack the essential gear and don’t forget your mid-hike snacks. We definitely recommend something sweet and salty like our Chocolate Pretzels to keep you going.

Turn on the Taps!

Dads and beer go together like...well, burgers and fries. So why not plan a complete beer tasting? Gather flights of his favourite beer, or sample offerings from your local craft breweries and pair them with some great chocolate. If he loves brown ales, our Nuts and Caramels will pair heavenly together. White chocolate fan? Then your go-to are lagers for a crispy citrus contrast.

Spa Him Rotten

All dads need pampering. They rarely get a chance to have someone spoil him with massages, pedicures, or manicures. Now’s the time to treat him to a spa day at home, or even a weekend getaway to a fancy resort. He’ll be able to relax, unwind, and come away feeling younger than ever. And what’s a spa day without some indulgence? Feel decadent with bites of our Dark Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns as you both sip on flutes of champagne in a French terry robe.

Portrait Mode

All dads keep their families close to their heart. So a new family portrait will fill his heart with love and warmth. Schedule a professional family portrait session or recreate an old childhood photo with your siblings, and remind Dad you’ll always be his little kids, and new memories can always be made. And before he has a chance to turn away to pretend he’s not crying, our Dad Stash Chocolate Gift Box will be punny enough to draw a chuckle.

Dad’s Hit Record

For the music buff dads out there who always tried to impart his musical tastes onto his kids, he will definitely love a personal mixtape. Fill a playlist, or a cassette tape with his favourite classic tunes by his rock and ‘n roll heroes. It’s a personal, and incredibly thoughtful way of showing your love (and tolerance for his taste). And to go with dad’s classic music, our Father's Day Classics Chocolate Gift Box has all his favourite treats to munch on while jamming out.

Make it a Custom

Show just how much you know your dad with a custom-made gift. Whether it’s a sweater hand knit by you, a custom ceramic mug that says “Best Dad Ever”, or a personalised Father’s Day chocolate gift with a custom mix of chocolates picked out by you. He’ll appreciate and love the thought, care, and personal touch you put in for him.

Distant isn’t Far Away

If you’re unable to spend Father’s Day together with Dad this year, any type of connection is a gift. From a phone call, to a Zoom call, to a personal handwritten card, all dads will appreciate the time spent connecting. Even a Father’s Day chocolate delivery of a Thank You Gift Box can be the loveliest Father’s Day surprise.

Out of Time? Never Out of Heart!

A lot in life can get in the way but finding meaningful, last minute Father's Day gifts is still possible! Our Father’s Day Gift Cards can be personalized with your own special photo, or choose from our beautiful Father’s Day theme designs. Send a card instantly to Dad’s phone or email, or schedule it to send ahead of time. It’s a quick, convenient and thoughtful gift for Dad when you’re in a time crunch.

Make sure Dad gets spoiled and showered with treats and gifts this Father’s Day. Hopefully these ideas and gifts give you inspiration to make life-long memories with you and your family. If you’re looking for more Dad treats, our Father’s Day collection is online and in your nearest Purdys shops right now. We also offer free delivery across Canada on orders over $99.

Have a great and safe Father’s Day!

Team Purdys