Playing Tetris at Work: What it took to create our Chocolate Tetris stop motion video

July 27, 2018
Playing Tetris at Work: What it took to create our Chocolate Tetris stop motion video

About a month ago, we posted this totally awesome stop motion video (created in-house by our photographer Jacob) on our social channels.

Cue the nostalgia:

Jacob gave us the scoop on the inspiration and the execution for these epic 33 seconds that brought back such fond memories of trying to beat that high score.

Q: What was the inspiration for this video?

A few years ago, before I joined Purdys as a photographer, we were experimenting with naturally coloured dyes in our chocolate bars. Someone cut up the chocolates in the shapes of Tetris pieces and took a photo of it. I came across that photo when going through our archives. I kept going back to it. Like, I really wanted to make it a thing.

Q: How many hours did it take to create it?

It took about 8 hours.

I started by playing some Tetris to get the shapes down right and the rules of the game, make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything.

Then I created and printed out some large grid paper (the same type you see in the video) and sketched out how I wanted the game to progress, which pieces would go where, how many of each chocolate bar I’d need and how to cut them up. I worked backwards from the final frame.

Then I chopped up each of the chocolates to create multiple Tetris pieces and started shooting each frame in sequential order. It took 149 stills to make the video. It’s a stop motion video, so in between each shot, I moved each piece down by 1 square or 2 squares (to mimic when you’d hit the down-arrow key in Tetris to get them to move faster).

Q: Which chocolates are featured in the Tetris video?

I’m going to list them in the order they ‘come down’ in the video: Rainbow ExplosionEcuadorToasted BuckwheatGhanaCookie Crunch and Maple Meltie.

I wrote down how many of each I wanted in the video and which shapes to get an idea of how many bars of each I’d need. It was a lot of math…