Women Power Purdys: A look at the extraordinary women behind our chocolates

March 6, 2020
Women Power Purdys: A look at the extraordinary women behind our chocolates

A recent Statistics Canada report shows that women still represent less than 50% of the Canadian labour force as a whole.

Not so at Purdys Chocolatier.

80% of our workforce is female, including roles that are traditionally occupied by men such as Distribution & Logistics Supervisor and VP of IT.

65% of our factory and warehouse employees are women.

92% of shop managers are, you guessed it, women.

63% of our executive leaders are women.

And of course, we have our CEO Karen Flavelle (who was recognized last year as a Top CEO of 2019 by Glassdoor, with a 98% employee approval rating) and Chocolatier Rachel McKinley, the main driving force behind your favourite chocolates.

Kriston Dean, our VP of Merchandising and Marketing, also adds: “21 out of the 25 employees who have been here with us the longest are women. That tells me that we’ve created a place where women feel empowered and comfortable.”

For International Women’s Day, we’d like to take the time to recognize and celebrate a few of the women who inspire us every day.

Madeline, Production Supervisor

Madeline just celebrated 26 wonderful years at Purdys. She makes sure our chocolate gift boxes are packed with care so they're ready for you to enjoy. Madeline's role at Purdys was her first job ever in Canada when she immigrated here with her family (including 3 kids under the age of 6!). Madeline's so proud of her team and many of them have worked alongside her for over 20 years. Her Purdys favourite is Turona.

Jen, Vice President of IT

Jen, our Vice President of IT, is behind all the technology initiatives at Purdys that help us work better every day. Her childhood dream was to work in a chocolate factory so dreams do come true! Jen is also a certified yoga instructor who teaches meditation and she leads classes at Purdys to help us focus on our well-being. Her Purdys favourite? Our Cordial Cherries.

Rachel, Chocolatier

Rachel McKinley began her chocolate career while studying microbiology and biochemistry. With a B.Sc. and a B.A degree from the University of Manitoba and a certificate in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Rachel uses both her scientific and artistic sides to create many fantastic chocolates at Purdys Chocolatier. Her (current) Purdys favourite is our Mini Sweet Georgia Browns.

Jessie, Distribution & Logistics Supervisor

Jessie has been with Purdys for 35 years and counting. She started out in the chocolate enrobing line at our Factory Kitchen. She's now our Distribution & Logistics Supervisor, which means she makes sure your chocolates get to where they're supposed to be. She brings joy, laughter, and order to our warehouse. Her Purdys favourite is English Toffee.

Rita, Enrober

Ever wonder who makes your chocolates? Meet Rita, who works on the enrobing line in our Factory Kitchen. We're proud to say she's been a part of the team for over 30 years. Rita is our resident bookworm who's known for being warm, caring and for always remembering the team's birthdays. Her Purdys favourite is our Sweet Georgia Browns.