Clean Medicine: The importance of safe drinking water on health in Ivory Coast

June 14, 2018
Clean Medicine: The importance of safe drinking water on health in Ivory Coast

You might've heard the news (because we’ve been telling everyone) that we've officially reached our goal of 50 LifeStraw Community water filters for this year's Clean Water Project.

Done in partnership with Cocoa Horizons, the Clean Water Project raises funds for LifeStraw Community water filters—which are Swiss-made, award-winning filters that don't require the use of any harsh chemicals or electricity.

Each filter alone provides clean water for approximately 60 people over a period of three years, in areas where clean water is hard to come by. Like the Gonaté Hospital Centre in Ivory Coast:

The Gonaté Hospital Centre has been running on solar power since 2007, when it opened.

Initially a dispensary, it provides medicine and medical aid to everyone in the surrounding communities. Dr. Blerou Sompoué Gabriel is the head doctor there and he often travels to other rural clinics in areas outside of Gonaté to help provide care.

However, many in the community hesitate coming to the hospital for medicine.

The reason for that? Dirty, untreated water which can taint powdered medicine and cause recurring illnesses.

As part of last year's Clean Water Project, the Gonaté Hospital Centre received three LifeStraw Community water filters.

"With the arrival of these filters, that are really spectacular, we can fight sicknesses that are very serious for adults and for children […] with these filters, we can manage a situation that was not manageable before."

— Dr. Blerou Sompoué Gabriel

We're beyond thrilled that, with your help, we’ve raised enough funds for another 50 LifeStraw Community water filters to help more community heroes like Dr. Gabriel.

These filters will be distributed primarily in the Agboville region of south-east Ivory Coast, which is about an hour and a half north of the main city of Abidjan. Community needs surveys are still being finalized to help our on-the-ground team determine which schools and medical centres are most in need of our support.

Shortly after, the filters will be on their way and we’ll be sure to continue sharing updates.