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Sustainable Farms

Sustainable FarmsSustainable Farms

Better Beans, Sustainably

100% sustainable cocoa means farmers have access to agricultural training and education to improve crop yields while protecting the environment.

Healthy, productive cocoa farms start with 100% sustainable cocoa.

Protecting the environment (today and for future generations) starts with local, accessible agricultural and business education for cocoa farmers, which results in better crop yields, better profits and a higher standard of living for farmers and their families, including women cocoa farmers and single mothers who must provide for their families.

Business Education For Farmers

  • Classes for literacy, numeracy skills & promotion of women in business & community leadership roles
  • Interest-free business loans & safe working conditions to support & promote self-sufficient farms
  • Implementation of business systems such as record keeping & internal control systems for bean traceability

Improved Agricultural Practices

  • Around 550 Farmer Field Schools held every year to share best practices on crop diversification, pruning, composting, pest control & more
  • 65 cocoa co-ops & 37,487 registered farmers in Ivory Coast
  • 16 registered cocoa-growing districts & 7,450 registered farmers in Ghana
  • Cocoa Centre of Excellence in Pacobo, Ivory Coast dedicated to advanced agriculture techniques
  • Techniques to improve bean fermentation efficiency processes & reduce waste

Environmental Sustainability

  • Biodiversity & habitat preservation
  • Soil management
  • Waterway protection
Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental Sustainability