Sustainable Farms

Sustainable Farms Sustainable Farms

Better Beans, Sustainably

Sustainable cocoa means farmers have access to agricultural training and education to improve crop yields while protecting the environment.

Healthy, productive cocoa farms start with sustainable cocoa.

Protecting the environment (today and for future generations) starts with local, accessible agricultural and business education for cocoa farmers, which results in better crop yields, better profits and a higher standard of living for farmers and their families, including women cocoa farmers and single mothers who must provide for their families.

Business Education For Farmers

  • Classes for literacy, numeracy skills & promotion of women in business & community leadership roles
  • Interest-free business loans & safe working conditions to support & promote self-sufficient farms
  • Implementation of business systems such as record keeping & internal control systems for bean traceability

Improved Agricultural Practices

  • Around 550 Farmer Field Schools held every year to share best practices on crop diversification, pruning, composting, pest control & more
  • 65 cocoa co-ops & 37,487 registered farmers in Ivory Coast
  • 16 registered cocoa-growing districts & 7,450 registered farmers in Ghana
  • Cocoa Centre of Excellence in Pacobo, Ivory Coast dedicated to advanced agriculture techniques
  • Techniques to improve bean fermentation efficiency processes & reduce waste

Environmental Sustainability

  • Biodiversity & habitat preservation
  • Soil management
  • Waterway protection
Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability