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Sustainable Living

Sustainable LivingSustainable Living

Supporting Our Cocoa Communities

Sustainable cocoa means rural cocoa-growing communities can have access to medical care, clean water and the funds to build or expand schools.

Community, education and health are just as important as great cocoa.

That's why we support programs with local on-the-ground partners in rural cocoa-growing communities. These fund infrastructure projects like schools and libraries, provide medical care in rural areas and make sure children's education and women's rights are community priorities.

Improved Medical Care

  • Mobile medical truck to reach rural communities to provide medical care and services
  • Distribution of medical kits for first aid
  • Support of vaccination programs

Sayoubakro School March 2016
Library Project

Community Infrastructure And Education

  • Building of primary, secondary schools and teacher housing
  • In 2016, Purdys employees raised funds to build and stock lending a library for the Sayoubakro school in Sassandra, Ivory Coast, with over 170 books
  • Drilling of boreholes and distribution of community and personal water filtration units
  • Regular dialogues with community leaders to assess needs and improve long-term sustainable planning

Sayoubakro School March 2016
Library Project

Child Sensitization Training

  • A zero-tolerance policy for forced or child labour
  • Sensitization training to ensure children’s education is a community priority
  • Focus on remediation solutions rather than punitive action to understand the challenges on family-based farms
Child Sensitization TrainingChild Sensitization Training